Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Setting up your personal website through Google Apps

So you want to setup your personal space on the great WWW? How about free email and hosting to go with it?  "Google Apps for free" comes to your rescue. You can use it to get free email, docs, calendar, appengine, blogger accounts on Google servers for you and your family.

Click here to get started. You can purchase a new domain name(at a cost of $10) or use your existing domain to setup Google Apps. Google has partnered with GoDaddy/eNom to provide domain registration service.

You can login into your domain dashboard by going to this url : http://google.com/a/<your-domain-name>. After you have logged in, you can create additional user accounts. You will find your domain registrar credentials at DomainSettings -> Domain Names -> Advanced DNS Settings
You might also want to change the urls of google services to more user friendly urls. One particular handy setting is "Catch-all address" (Settings-> Email->General) which allows you specify a default email address for mails sent to any non-existent email address on your domain.

You have multiple options to create your website
1) Google Sites : It is a tool provided by Google which makes creation of websites very easy. You can create a site through this tool and map it www.<your-domain-name>
2) Google App Engine :  You can deploy any application in GAE and map it to any url on your domain. You can deploy a CMS like Vasao as an application in GAE and use it as a starting point
3) Blogger :  If you just want to run a blog, you can point your blogger blog with a simple configuration change. You can also integrate your existing blogger blog as a website.

Hope you will find the above information useful.


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